Move-In Procedure


The building is a condominium and as such the owners of the unit and the management company are different entities who do not collaborate on rentals. As a result, the unit owner may not have notified us of your move in date or provided us with a copy of your lease. It is required that all residents of the building be registered with the management office. This is for safety, security and service reasons. Please review the procedures below to ensure your move goes smoothly and limit additional frustrations to an already stressful event. These rules are in place to maintain order in the building and prevent disruption the daily life of the other residents. While the procedures may seem overly restrictive to the resident moving, once you live in the building we think you will appreciate them. All of these rules have been enacted by the owners who live in the building and realize the need to limit this disruption to their homes. We hope that you will understand and respect this procedure. If you follow all of these recommendations and rules the management office will do our best to accommodate your move and make it a smooth experience.

  1. Prior your move date
    1. Register with the Management Office using the relevant link below.
    2. Fill out the Move in form and provide information on all residents who will live in the unit.
    3. Please take note of the occupancy agreement. There are limits on how many people can live in each type of unit, regardless of whether or not the unit has been reconfigured by your unit owner.
    4. Studios are limited to 2 occupants. These are generally units below 650 sqft.
    5. 1 Bedrooms are limited to 3 occupants. These are generally units less than 999 sqft.
    6. 2 bedrooms are limited to 4 occupants. These units are generally over 1000 sqft.
    7. Non refundable move-in and move-out fees will be charged to the owner's account every time a tenant moves in or out. The fee is different for each building. 
    8. When you move into the building you will receive a welcome packet and a copy of the rules and regulations. By signing the lease agreement, you become an associate member of the Association and are required to follow all rules and regulations of the Condominium or you or your unit owner will be subject to a fine.
    9. Provide a copy of your lease and lease rider if applicable to the property management office. All leases must be for a minimum of 1 year.
    10. Moves are allowed Monday-Friday between 8AM- 5PM (excluding holidays). After registration you will have access to the online booking system to select your move in date. If you are moving at the end or beginning of the month please book well in advance, these days are very popular move dates and fill up fast. You should do this before scheduling with your moving company. If the elevator is already booked, we cannot cancel someone else's move to accommodate yours. Please make sure your date is available before making final arrangements.

  1. Selecting a moving company
    1. You should select a reputable moving company and check their reviews online. We have many residents who unfortunately used unprofessional moving companies which, in the end, cost them extra frustration and money. 
      Please make sure to provide the management with Certificate of Insurance (COI) form the movers at least a day before you move-in.
    2. Pack your belongings prior to your move date. We can only provide the specific time slot that was booked and if you arrive late we cannot extend your time if other residents are booked or you need time past 5 pm. Many moving companies will offer packing services. If you elect to have the moving company pack your belongings the day of the move, you should select the afternoon move slot. Please also consider distance and daytime city traffic when selecting your move in date and time.

  1. Packing for moving into the building
    1. All furniture with fabric or upholstery must be tightly wrapped in plastic prior to entering the building. This is to prevent contaminants and dust from littering the common areas of the building. Mattress bags and shrink-wrap available at hardware stores like Home Depot work well. It is recommended that your purchase these materials as part of your packing supplies.
    2. The freight elevator has an eight-foot ceiling and a 36 inch door. The apartment doors are 36-inch doors as well. If your item cannot fit through a 36-inch opening or needs more than an 8-foot ceiling you should disassemble it prior to arriving at the property or dispose of it prior to arriving at the property.

  1. The day of your move
    1. Arrive on time. In order to allow for the most available time to complete your move it is suggested that you plan to arrive at the property as close as possible to the beginning of your move slot. As a reminder we cannot delay another person’s move if your move runs long and we need the elevators freed up for the evening rush when all residents come home from work. If your move is running late we may be forced to take the elevator away and have you complete your move another day or charge for the extra elevator time ($50 for every extra half hour used up to 6pm and $100 per half hour after 6 pm).
    2. When you arrive at the building inform the lobby staff that you are ready to begin your move. As long as you are pre-registered with the management office the lobby staff will approve your move.
    3. Once your move is approved the lobby staff will contact the porter to pad up the elevator and the security guard to inspect the items you are moving in and ensure they are packed according to the packing guidelines. Any fabric item not wrapped will be required to be wrapped before entering the building. Wrap is available at an additional charge from the management office if we have it in stock. It is far cheaper and easier to purchase and use this wrap yourself prior to the move date.
    4. During the move take care not to damage the common areas. You will be held responsible for any damage.
    5. Take care not to block the common halls during your move. Items should not be stored in the hallways in the basement or in the common hall on your floor during the move. Items should be moved from your moving truck to the elevator then into your unit. You may organize items off the truck in the loading zone but not inside the building, these halls are used by residents and must remain clear. It is also against fire code to block these means of egress.
    6. Once your move is complete all common areas must be clean. This includes the loading zone, the basement halls, the elevator and the common hallway on your floor. It is good to have a vacuum available to clean the carpet in the hall on your floor. If staff is required to clean up after your move, you will be charged. Take care not to create an excessive mess when moving. If the common areas become too dirty we may ask you to pause your move and clean.
    7. Do not leave refuse from your move in the trash room\ chute room on your floor. These rooms are for normal household trash and will be overwhelmed by the refuse from your move making them unusable for other residents. Please bring boxes, packing material and other items you wish to dispose of to the basement between the hours of 8 am - 4:30 pm 7 days a week and place them in the basement trash room.
    8. Once your move is complete inform the lobby staff. They will send security to inspect the common elements and inform you if there is any additional attention needed for cleaning or damage. Once the security guard inspects the area your move will be closed out and considered complete.

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