The building is a condominium and as such the owners of the unit and the management company are different entities who do not collaborate on rentals. As a result, the unit owner may not have notified us of your move in date or provided us with a copy of your lease. It is required that all residents of the building be registered with the management office. This is for safety, security and service reasons. Please review the procedures below to ensure your move goes smoothly and limit additional frustrations to an already stressful event. These rules are in place to maintain order in the building and prevent disruption the daily life of the other residents. While the procedures may seem overly restrictive to the resident moving, once you live in the building we think you will appreciate them. All of these rules have been enacted by the owners who live in the building and realize the need to limit this disruption to their homes. We hope that you will understand and respect this procedure. If you follow all of these recommendations and rules the management office will do our best to accommodate your move and make it a smooth experience.