Repair and Maintenance

The following procedure should be followed when your unit requires repairs or maintenance:

- If you own your unit, you can contact the Property Management Office to place a “work order” that will be issued to the Superintendent. The work will be completed as soon as possible. All such work will be billed to you at a later date.

- If you are a tenant, unless there is an emergency, you must contact the landlord. Your landlord must authorize all repairs. In the event of a water leak or any other emergency situation you must contact the Property Management Office directly. If the Property Management Office is closed you must then contact the doorman. Emergencies will be taken care of immediately by the maintenance staff.

Repairs to the individual air conditioning/heating units are the responsibility of the unit owner, since the design is to serve each individual condominium unit, not the community. The heating and hot water systems are considered common elements and will be maintained and repaired by the Association. Please refer to your Master Deed for a complete list of items that are the responsibility of the unit owner.

Labor costs

Labor costs will be billed at an hourly rate for services rendered.  

After Hours (Monday to Sunday from 4:30pm to 8:00am)

Afterhour rates are billed at 2 times the normal rate.   

Unit owners are responsible to pay the total cost of any material used including applicable sales tax.

If damage occurs in a unit that either originated from another unit or the common elements, it must be reported to management within 30 days of the incident. Any longer than this and it becomes difficult to trace the source of the damage and as such it will be that unit owner’s responsibility to repair.

If a tenant occupies the unit they should be aware that they are responsible to an extent to report any structural problems with the apartment. Common issues are missing grout in the bathroom or leaks in the bathrooms from above or leaks from air condition units. If reported in a timely manner, the damage can be mitigated and the cost to all parties involved minimized.

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